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Olympic rules. Sochi Games to have the appropriate traffic regulations

The Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed amendments to the Highway Code meant to ease traffic in Sochi during the Olympic Games. In particular, the new concept of “Olympic transport” has been introduced. It will receive exclusive rights to use Sochi’s dedicated lanes, which have been labelled with new signs and road markings. 

This is the first time that temporary amendments have been entered into the Highway Code – they will be valid from January to March of 2014. Fines for breaking the Olympic rules will be 3,000-5,000 roubles ($94-157). 

The Russian government clarified that the amendments have been developed for the purpose of fulfilling “the responsibilities of the Russian Federation before the International Olympic Committee, particularly with regards to providing transport during the Games”. They are aimed at “streamlining the flow of traffic, decreasing the burden on Sochi’s roads as well as increasing the safety of Olympic vehicular traffic”. 

The “Olympic” amendments to the Highway Code are written out in the new Amendment №3, which is titled “Particularities of organising the flow of traffic during the ХХII Olympic and XI Paralympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi”. According to the appendix, entry onto the territory of Olympic venues fill be allowed for accredited and operational services vehicles. A separate concept has been created for these types of vehicles - “Olympic and Paralympic Games’ transport”. Roads will now have “lanes for Olympic and Paralympic Games’ transport. These lanes are meant not only for buses, but also for cars with special authorization. Regular vehicles will only be allowed to enter these lanes during a turn and to drop off passengers, but only if there is a broken marking line. 

Due to the creation of a special lane and additional restrictions, new road signs have also been implemented. For example, the road sign denoting “Road for Olympic and Paralympic Games’ transport” is a rectangular sign in the format of the “Road for vehicles” sign on a blue background with a white vehicle and the Olympic rings in the middle. In the same vein, seven other new signs will also be introduced which are based on current road signs but include the Olympic rings (for example, lane for Olympic transport, entrance onto a road with special lanes, lane ending, etc.). Finally, new road markings will also be introduced to denote the Sochi “dedicated lanes”, which will depict the Olympic rings drawn on the road, Kommersant reports.

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