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Sochi’s energy systems will be strictly monitored by the Energy Minister

Russian President Vladimir Putin has tasked Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak with strictly monitoring Sochi’s energy systems, including those at Olympic venues and to make sure that any irregularities be eliminated immediately and automatically. 

“We need to approach these issues very scrupulously, to smooth everything out, we need to conduct not only installation work, but training as well, so that employees know what to do and how to do it. If there are any sudden power outages, we need to make sure that the reserve power supplies turn on automatically, everything should work automatically,” Putin stated at his meeting with Novak. 

The Energy Minister assured the president that the personnel working at venues in the Krasnaya Polyana and the Imeretinskaya lowland are currently undergoing training in all of these areas; additional energy specialists have also been sent to Sochi. 

According to Novak, practically all energy facilities in Sochi are ready for work. He stated that out of 49 large energy facilities, 48 are in working order. The generating capacity in the Sochi energy region has been increased eight-fold. 

Novak clarified that only one large energy facility has not been put into operation yet, and the installation and construction work is currently nearing conclusion there.

“This is a distribution power network in Sochi: 900km of cables, overhead lines and 500 substations. We plan to finish all work by January 20 and to receive the approval to commission the network by January 25. This is the only facility that is currently being worked on,” ITAR-TASS cites the minister.

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