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Anatoly N. Pakhomov Public Address

Dear residents and visitors coming to Sochi

    I think nobody ever doubted that Sochi is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Only a short time ago the news about Sochi hit the headlines. It would not be an exaggeration to say that after winning the right to host the Winter Olympic Games our city became a world-known tourist destination.


    Unique climate makes Sochi one of the world’s most attractive resorts. It is hard to find another place on earth that combines so many climatic zones within such a limited area: here, you will find everything from snow-covered mountain peaks and cool alpine meadows to humid subtropics and warm sea coast.


    However, I firmly believe that people of Sochi are the greatest asset of our city. Sochi is proud of its multinational population. Relations between ethnic communities have always been based on respect and mutual trust, and this is very important. People of different cultures create a special atmosphere in Sochi —the atmosphere you won't find anywhere else in Russia.


    The resort has changed considerably in recent years. It has developed into a modern and vibrant vacation spot, and we owe a debt of gratitude to the people of Sochi for everything they have done to accomplish this. They know how to work for the benefit of their home city, not just for the sake of their own personal gain. These people are honored and respected citizens of our city, and honor and respect play the most important role in the life of any person.


     We are facing a lot of challenges now, one of which is to successfully stage the 2014 Olympic Games. As a matter of fact people of Sochi are interested in this more than anyone. The Olympic project will tremendously improve the territorial and economic attractiveness of the city. 

       The Olympic Games will help create thousands of new well-paid jobs. These are guaranteed jobs for university, college and lyceum graduates. The upcoming Olympics will provide year-round occupancy of the resort. We will be able to introduce advanced technologies in the hotel and restaurant business, tourism and excursion services.

      Hosting the Olympic Games will benefit the environment of the resort, since we are installing a modern sewage system and a high-capacity waste treatment facility. 
With the support of the Federal government, regional and municipal authorities we plan to develop unique tourist and recreation facilities in Krasnaya Polyana and Adler. I have no doubt that Sochians understand how important this project is. I believe we will succeed! For those in doubt I would like to quote a famous Russian scientist, professor Fyodor Pasternatsky: "Let me speak about the great future of Krasnaya Polyana. I am absolutely positive it will be the best Russian climatic mountain resort, popular not only in summer, but also in winter. I am confident that someday Krasnaya Polyana will successfully compete with the best resorts of Western Europe."

    These words were spoken way back in 1899 - one hundred and nine years ago when the resort was only in the early stages of its development. The scientist believed in its glorious future. He dreamed that Sochi would become an international resort. Lessons of the past are very useful to help us understand the present. And I am sure we will apply this knowledge and make the right conclusions.

       We need to make every part of our city, from Magri to Vesyoloye, a modern place. We will continue to build and reconstruct public institutions - schools and healthcare establishments. We will improve the level of service in our resort complexes and hotels. We will do our best to raise the standard of living of the local people.  We do deserve it!

       And, of course, we are ready to work every day to make the guests of our city feel at home.  I want to express my deep sense of gratitude to all the Russian people who come to Sochi for their holidays. We are delighted to welcome all our guests. That’s why «excellent service" are not just words from an advertising brochure.  Actually these words mean courtesy, care and attention, and sincere smiles. We are always happy to see you in Sochi! Welcome!